(ResultsManager Professional Edition only)


Dashboards are generated from template maps that control what information appears in the Dashboard. The template map can contain some fixed information that ResultsManager does not alter, and dynamic "filters" that cause ResultsManager to insert information into the Dashboard.


These "filters" are Topics that carry information telling ResultsManager to find and display matching items or from the map or maps that have been swept prior to assembling the Dashboard. Filters can be cascaded, so that the final list of actions or projects is the result of successive filtering. For example, if you wanted to see all the actions you have committed to completing, you would first filter items that you own, then filter only those that are committed, and finally filter only those that are action items (rather than project items). The final result would be a list of your committed action items.


A Dashboard template map can contain multiple filters, so that several different types of list are created in the same map.


Normally, when ResultsManager expands a filter, it lists all the available headings. For example, if you use the "Priority" filter to organise by priority, then it will insert headings labelled "Priority 1", "Priority 2" and so on. But sometimes you just want a list sorted by priority, without necessarily grouping the different priorities by subheading. You just need to see the Priority 1 items at the top of a single list. Filters can be optionally defined as  sort-only filters, that only sort the items under them, and do not insert labelled sub-headings themselves. So the Dashboard template might look more complex than the output it generates, because the sort-only filters are also part of the template.


This is part of the template for the "GTD Lists" Dashboard:


Part of the Template for the "GTD Lists" Dashboard


The Topic styles and colours are set up using normal MindManager features.


Filters are marked with a standard Icon  that ResultsManager looks for. This Icon tells ResultsManager that the information in this Topic defines a search through the list of Actions, Results and Projects collected from the swept project maps.


Reading the above map from the Central Topic outwards, ResultsManager sees the following:



The other parts of the map work in a similar way. Note that there are two trees under the "#Category" filter - this means that everything under that Topic meets the filtered criteria down to that point, and there is no need to re-filter for "%me%" as the Owner.


A filter is constructed of:


A Reference table for each filter keyword and special filter values are given in the Appendices.


Filter Topics can be constructed manually using regular MindManager editing features, or ResultsManager's Add Dashboard Filter command can insert filters into Dashboard template maps. Filters are not supported on Main Topics.


If you create a new Dashboard Template map, it is worth populating the Document Properties as described in Appendix G. This will allow the template to be installed to ResultsManager with  the ResultsManager tab | Tools group | Options | Install Template.