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Gyronix GyroQ:
What users and Bloggers are saying

What users are saying about GyroQ

"Congratulations on producing an excellent add-on for MindManager. As an independent business consultant and trainer I always have several different action lists, some on paper, some in my diary and several on Outlook. There is one for each client and several for me (dealing with admin, finance, research, marketing etc. – and a long list of things I need to do around our home!). Thanks to GyroQ I can now manage these on one mindmap and have only one piece of paper (or screen) to look at rather than several. It is also quick and easy to use, with a ‘zero learning curve’ which is really great. You are welcome to use these comments in your marketing activities – praise where it’s due!" - Arthur Crump

"Within minutes of downloading GyroQ, I blew through 3 piles of Post-Its and paper scraps heaped at different places on my desk. These piles had been there anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. And they were important to assimilate..."

"GyroQ surprised me in terms of the degree of change it's introduced into my work style. And just when I thought I had it all figured out too!"

"I know it's been 30 seconds since we talked, but I did a quick test and now I'm ready to buy"

"What an awesome product!!! I love it."

"My desk used to be littered with punched cards, post-its and to do lists, despite being an avid MindManager user with a To Do list in MindManager. GyroQ has cleaned up my desk - thanks"




"Wow, this thing is powerful!"

"...I really dig GyroQ. Great work!!"

"...what you've got with GyroQ and GyroActivator are really fantastic"

"...I like it a lot... I am using it all the time"

"Just tried it.... Inspirational!"

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