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Having problems?

If you don't see your question here, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

How do I purchase from Gyronix?

  • The Gyronix Direct on-line store is the quickest way to buy, because you receive your license keys instantly.
  • To purchase on-line at our WorldPay Click and Build shop, click here.
  • To order off-line, just print out and complete either the UK or USA off-line order form and fax it to us. Our fax number is on the form.
  • If you would like to pay by PayPal, please contact us.

Can I get a backup copy of the software on CD?

Yes, just add the product to your cart, then select the "eCD" option in the cart. Please note that CDs are for backup purposes only, and contain software that requires a separate license key. CDs are created to order by our partner eSellerate, which allows us to always ship the latest versions. They are branded with "eSellerate" and labelled as "Gyronix", and contain copies of the same software that is available for download from our site. If you really need original publisher-branded CDs, please contact us.

How quickly do I receive my license keys when I buy on-line?

You can see your keys in the web browser right after purchase. We also dispatch your keys to your e-mail address at the same time.

How can I find prices in other currencies?

Change the Currency selector at the top of Catalogue or Cart pages.

Why can I only purchase in US Dollars with AMEX?

This is a restriction required by AMEX. Choose US Dollars as your currency if you use an AMEX card.

Do you offer educational licenses or pricing for non-profit organisations?

Yes. Our Non-Profit Organisations page gives details of our policy and a form to request your NPO Coupon, which is required for use in the Gyronix Direct e-shop.

Can I upgrade my software from a previous version?

Yes. We accept license keys from earlier versions as a trade-in against new purchases. Our Upgrades page gives details of our policy and a form to request your Trade-in Coupon, which is required for use in the Gyronix Direct e-shop.

Why did the contents of my shopping cart disappear?

The contents of your shopping cart are only retained for 10 minutes. After that time, they must be re-entered.

My card was not authorised when I tried to purchase. Why?

Cards can be declined for any number of reasons, and it does not always mean that there is something wrong. For example, some banks routinely decline overseas transactions on certain types of card. We also offer other forms of payment.

Do I need to make a new download after purchasing?

This only applies if you have used a the smaller trial version of MindManager. ResultsManager and the full versions of MindManager only require entry of a license key to disable trial mode.

I'm having problems downloading

Occasionally we get reports of problems with downloads. Unless there is something wrong with the server at the time, these are more usually caused by blockages elsewhere in the Internet. We have recently added a US-based download server, so try using the alternate server if you are having problems.

I am not receiving the information I requested

Our e-mail system uses double opt-in to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations and ensure that users only receive information that they have specifically requested. When subscribing, you should receive a verification message with a link to confirm your request. If you do not receive your verification mail, please contact us and we will gladly re-enable your subscription. Possible reasons for not receiving the verification mail include:

  • The e-mail address you provided was not correct and the verification message bounced.
  • The verification message could not be delivered at that particular time. Unfortunately it does not get resent, as this would not comply with best practice. Even if you re-register, the verification mail is not resent.
  • The verification message was delivered, but you did not reply to it or click the confirmation link. Nothing else gets sent if the request is not confirmed.
  • Your ISP or IT department uses an excessively zealous spam filter. Our mailings are designed to score less than 2.5 with SpamAssassin™, the industry-standard limit being 5. However, other systems may score the same content differently, and could block messages. It is increasingly difficult to write anything meaningful that avoids this without resorting to trickery, which we won't do.
  • You use a system that intercepts messages from previously unauthorised addresses, and replies to the sender asking for manual validation. This may prevent you from receiving the first verification message. If you use a system like this, you should either ensure that it gives you the choice of reading unauthorised messages, or authorise the e-mail address sales@gyronix.com.