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Gyronix Link Exchange

Gyronix are pleased to exchange links with other organisations who have products or services of interest to our visitors. If you would like to exchange links with Gyronix, please contact us.

Also see our Partners and Consultants page for information about Gyronix Partners who offer implementation support and consulting.

Mapping and MindManager-related sites
Beyond Crayons A Web log about the organisational use of visualisation software by Gyronix cofounded Nick Duffill
Innovation Tools News, reviews and resources for innovation and thinking tools
Yahoo! Group
An independent discussion forum for users of Mindjet MindManager software, hosted on Yahoo! Groups
GTD_MindManager Yahoo! Group A discussion group for users of Mindjet MindManager and David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system
MindManuals.com MindManuals.com provide extension software for users of Mindjet MindManager®

Other sites of interest
David Allen The official web site for David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system
The Hollander Group The Hollander Group coaches businesses on the convergence of Internet and traditional television and how to navigate their branding and advertising through this sea change. Working with Fortune 500 companies, as well as a veritable who's who in television, The Hollander Group relies upon ResultsManager™ to extract task information from dozens of mind maps and make them intelligible and actionable.

Gyronix are not responsible for the contents of external sites.
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