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Issue 4

- Discover the Results Manager within you
- FREE dashboard from a top Results Manager

Issue 5

Watch Bill's story as a movie

- The next phase of Bill's journey as he has to "Prove It or Lose It" – watch, read and listen to it – all at the same time!
- A FREE dashboard from a top Results Manager
- A special exclusive offer …half the cost… but only until August 18th!
- Enter our contest and win up to $499 worth of training

Issue 6

Watch Bill's story as a movie

- Are the people around you frequently missing deadlines?
- Watch a 10-minute extract from a Gold Level Power Review session and get $100 off your session
- Have you heard about GyroQ yet? Be one of the first to know when it is released

Issue 7

See GyroQ in action

- Gyronix launches GyroQ for MindManager
- Get a GyroQ invitation
- Watch the GyroQ video
Issue 8 - Mindjet invite Gyronix to present a Webinar
- A New Map of GTD Focused GyroQ Tags
- Special Upgrade Offer for GyroQ
- ActivityOwner - a great GyroQ Resource on the Web

Issue 9

Replay the Mindjet/Gyronix Webinar

- GyroQ Developer Edition renamed to GyroQ Professional Edition
- A secret GyroQ feature revealed
- Free GyroQ Tags for editing ResultsManager Activities and performing SWOT analyses
- Mindjet/ Gyronix "Visualising Outcomes" Webinar available on-line

Issue 10

Using GyroQ to manage your commitments

- Tags for a simple Commitment Management system with GyroQ Professional
- New video: "ResultsManager - GPS Navigation for your Business"
- Tech Tip: using MultiMaps with ResultsManager
- $200 off Bronze Level Training

Download Gyronix Video Library map


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