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The Gyronix Report - Issue 10

Commitment Management with GyroQ Pro

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In this Issue:
Keep Track of Commitments with GyroQ Pro

Firstly we have a couple of great new tags for GyroQ Professional, forming a very simple yet powerful commitment management system that you can use every day. Watch the video then download the Tag Library map and install these Tags for GyroQ.

Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine Review

“MindManager users should definitely consider
both ResultsManager and GyroQ”

As you know, we are great fans of David Allen's GTD, and in the February 2007 issue of SMARTPHONE & POCKET PC Magazine, in his great article "How to Get Things Done", Hal Goldstein writes:

"MindManager users should definitely consider both ResultsManager and GyroQ from Gyronix. ResultsManager is a sophisticated GTD tool centered around mindmapping. GyroQ is a simple, powerful desktop pop-up program that allows you to "jot down" ideas that come up as you are working or in meetings. The tool allows you to stay focused on the issue at hand, but not lose critical ideas. Every few hours you can click a button and ideas are transferred to a mindmap."

Thank you, Hal! 

ResultsManager - GPS Navigation for your Business

When your colleagues or friends ask “What is ResultsManager and what does it do for you?”, what do you say?

Many of you have been asked just this, and we have created a short video that explains how ResultsManager works as a GPS (SatNav) system for your business. You are welcome to share this link with others to help them understand why you are so well organised and productive!

ResultsManager - GPS Navigation for your business

ResultsManager - GPS Navigation for your business

(Also includes iPod Video download)

Tech Tip - Using MultiMaps with ResultsManager

When you use the MindManager feature Send to > New Linked Map to split up your maps into MultiMaps, MindManager includes a hyperlink back to the "parent" map by default. It's usually best to remove this hyperlink from the Central Topic of the newly created map.

Often it's helpful to create Dashboards for a single map, or a sub-set of your projects if you are concentrating in one area. If you leave this hyperlink in place, then you won't be able to create a Dashboard with ResultsManager that only includes the new map and anything below it, since ResultsManager will follow the link back to the parent map and discover the rest of your maps. You will end up with more things included in your dashboard than you wanted.

If you require the link back up to the parent map, put it in a floating topic with the Exclude From Dashboard icon on it. Then you can click on it to navigate through your maps, but ResultsManager won't follow the link.

Learn best practice for $200 less

As many of you already know, ResultsManager is a very powerful, highly configurable piece of software. ResultsManager users range from individuals and small groups right up to large teams in multinational companies. Applications of ResultsManager vary widely, but the common factor that the most productive users all share is that they have participated in some form of Gyronix training.

So for TWO important reasons I am bringing back the $200 discount* off the Bronze Training Module. I believe this will help you, because:

• Deciding to take a short training session is a great way to make a real start on getting back in control of your workload. Otherwise, there are always more urgent things to do first. Making the training inexpensive helps to make this important step easier.
• People who take our training become significantly more effective and productive. Over one third of users who invest in the Bronze Module also invest in Silver-level training and beyond, as they continue to improve their productivity systems.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our training – but so far, we have 100% success rate and get great feedback from participants.

You can purchase the ResultsManager/Bronze bundle at the discounted price from our online store, or if you already own ResultsManager, use this coupon in our on-line store to receive your $200 discount off Bronze Level training. 

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