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The Gyronix Report - Issue 4

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In this Issue:
  • Discover the Results Manager within you
  • FREE dashboard from a top Results Manager
  • Special exclusive offers …only until July 1st!
  • Show the world that you’ve got what it takes to be an International Results Manager. Enter our contest and win up to $499 worth of training -- FREE!
This Month -- We Launch our "I am a Results Manager" Campaign

Are you? A Results Manager I mean. Are you managing Results or are the tasks you need to accomplish managing you? Read on and we'll give you the solutions others have used to become breakout stars within their companies.

Professional and personal users of ResultsManager have one thing in common: they're implementation heroes. When departments and teams aren't running as well as they should, ResultsManager provides a cultural solution that improves everything it touches.

The Journey of the Internal Champion Begins . . .

Bill Hero quit wishing for better results and made them happen! In this issue you'll discover how this enterprising department head used ResultsManager to become a hero in his organization by creating breakthroughs in time saved, productivity increased and effort optimized.

Bill had been using ResultsManager for a short while at his home office to manage his many personal projects. But after he got promoted to Department Head and his responsibilities grew, he knew he needed an edge to keep all the new plates spinning, as well as handle the people and tasks he already managed.

One weekend, frustrated by the new demands on this time and energy, it hit him - why not manage some of his additional responsibilities with ResultsManager? Bill mapped out one key team project and ran a dashboard just to see just how well it could work.

Bill got even more excited about the preliminary results. ResultsManager was certainly low-cost enough to make it easy on the department budget. And it was scaleable, so he could start with his small team and build out from there.

All in all, he thought it would be a justifiable purchase for his team.

So, how to get his boss on board? What was a good, fast way to show the results he could produce while at the same time have visual cues within the dashboard that said what was important about each section?

Bill got to work and customized a quick dashboard on-the-fly. One that would quickly and easily show what each section of a dashboard was designed to accomplish.

So Bill came up a short list of what was important about each section on his dashboard. For Relationship Central he wrote:

"Conquer your Relationships by seeing a list for each person showing:

  • What I owe
  • What I'm waiting for
  • What I need to talk to the person about


Bill knew that the easiest way to explain it to his boss was to show him. So Bill created some quick Callouts with some friendly explanations of each section and voila, Bill's Daily Actions Dashboard - The Guide Edition was born. Click here to see what Bill presented to his boss.

The next day he floated the idea by his boss who, while sceptical at first, was intrigued by Bill’s demonstration of how much his team's productivity could jump once ResultsManager was in place.

His boss was particularly interested in the Relationship Central area. In each generated dashboard, a team leader could see at a glance everything he owed other team members, and simultaneously see everything that was owed to him and when it was due.

So how did Bill use ResultsManager to solve this thorny issue? You can download his map and discover for yourself. We got him to release his exclusive dashboard that he used to show his boss what was possible to accomplish with ResultsManager at the team level.

To download and try out Bill’s exclusive map and discover how it could make you a ResultsManager simply click here.

How did Bill modify a dashboard so quickly and confidently? Because a few months prior, Bill took the Gyronix Gold Module training on Power Dashboards.

You can click here to see the contents of the Power Dashboard - Gold Module Training
Purchase your Gold Module Training here.


Issue 4 Top Tip
Jump-Start Maps

Consultants - tired of re-creating the same information over and over again each time you start a new project for a repeat client? Want a way to keep the accumulated body of knowledge intact and attached to the contact? Create a Jump-Start Map for recurring projects with clients you do business with again and again.


Special Exclusive Issue 4 Offer for You:

Hi Everyone, Jo Mais here. I'm the Office Manager here at Gyronix, but truth be told -- I actually run everything <grin>.

Nik Tipler, our beloved CEO is, along with the rest of England still in the throes of the football world cup (that’s “soccer” for all our American friends) so he’s in a very good mood and has offered the following limited time offer for as long as England is still in the running (the next game is Saturday, so it may be for a very limited time):

We’ve found in talking to all of you who call in, that the only thing everyone needs more than ResultsManager, is training to really milk the most out of ResultsManager.

So, here's what we’re going to do. Nik created two very special, very deeply-discounted training bundles. Whether you're an individual user or company team member, I promise you that one of these ResultsManager Live! Mastery bundles will give you everything you need to become a Results Manager!

What's the deal? How about three training modules for the price of two!

ResultsManager Live! Mastery Bundle (for Individuals)

Individual Bronze Session ($399)
Individual Silver Session ($399)
And get a personalized Gold Session - Power Review FREE! (a $499 value)

Purchased separately, this bundle would run you $1,297 - but through this limited time offer, you can have it for only $798! That's almost $500 off!

ResultsManager Live! Mastery Bundle (for Groups)

Group Bronze Session ($598)
Group Silver Session ($598)
Individual Gold Session - Strategic Management FREE! (a $499 value)

Separately, this bundle would run you $1,695 - but through this limited time offer, you can have it for only $1,196! Again, that's almost $500 off!

To take advantage of this offer simply go to our purchase page or just email me at jo.mais@gyronix.com. Find out more about training modules here.

There it is, but you've got to act quickly because it might end Saturday July 1st, 2006.


Not Sure If ResultsManager Is The Tool For You?

No problem. Want a no-risk way to see what the excitement is all about? Then click the link below and download the fully-loaded Professional version and kick the tires on it for the next 28 days. Yes, it does say 21 days on the website (but I snuck in 7 extra days just for you)

Download your Free Trial here

Want to see how someone else uses ResultsManager? Just so you don't feel all alone on your journey, click here to see how a ResultsManager novice went from zero to pretty darn good -- all in 28 days!



How Are You a Results Manager?

Because we’d like to know and so would everyone else! Tell us (better yet, show us) and you could win a Bronze, Silver or Gold Individual module worth up to $499.

Send us a detailed account (no more than 250 words) of how you use ResultsManager to out-perform everyone else. Of course we're willing to put our money where our mouth is by rewarding your hard work.

When you tell us how you're using ResultsManager, you'll be entered to win a training module that will take your Results Management to the next level. Be the envy of your department as you out-produce everyone around you and be less stressed about it.

Click here to see what you could win!

Extra points if you send us a dashboard you use and tell us how you use it. Send your entries to jo.mais@gyronix.com with ‘June Newsletter Competition’ in the subject line.

Winners will be announced in the August e-newsletter.

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