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The Gyronix Report - Issue 5

"Watch This: The Boss Challenges Bill to Prove It"

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In this Issue:
Bill Confronts The Prove It Or Lose It Challenge . . .

Last time, we met "Bill Hero" who was using ResultsManager at home to manage his personal projects and wondering how he could use it at work. When he got promoted to head of his department and his responsibilities and the number of people on his team grew, he knew he needed a better solution and fast.

As you will recall from the last newsletter Bill created a special dashboard with custom labels for each section. We dubbed it "Bill's Daily Actions Dashboard - The Guide Edition"

But wait . . . before you begin reading, we have a special treat for you! We got a highly-respected voice actor (okay, it’s actually our beloved CEO, Nik Tipler) to narrate Bill’s interaction with his boss, and a video of the dashboard and map Bill is using to show his boss how ResultsManager works. You’ll be watching it while his boss does!

That means you’ll be able to read, hear and watch Bill explaining a dashboard being made from a mind map!

Now the task was to get his boss, David, on board and justify the purchase of ResultsManager for his expanded team. But his boss isn't going to make it easy for him.

And now . . . this month's installment of Bill's journey . . .

"So, Bill, what's this?!" Bill's boss' finger jabs the screen.

That’s my Daily Action Dashboard.

…and what about this?” David's finger zeros in……

Click here to find out what happens next…..

Bill's Boss Wants More...

Back at his desk, Bill thought over some of the things his boss was struggling with (if you’re not sure what’s happened so far click here to go back to this issue’s installment of Bill’s story) His boss really liked Relationship Central but felt that the level of detail wasn't quite there for him to feel in control of his projects. Bill knew exactly what he meant, and so put his dashboard development skills to work once more. What did he come up with? Well Bill's solution just happens to be our…

FREE Hot Dashboard...


"It's Easy When You Know How..."

How does Bill create and modify dashboards with such ease? Because he had expert training and guidance. It’s the very same training available to you and (at least this month) it will cost you a lot less. Discover all the ways Gyronix Training Modules can make you a better Results Manager at www.gyronix.com But before you do that, take look at the next section because Nick Duffill has a positively prehistoric offer for you . . .

Back to the Bronze Age with a 21st Century Deal!

If you already own or if you buy ResultsManager by August 18th you'll get one of our best learning resources for a steal!

Hi, Nick Duffill here. For those that don't know I'm the Chief Technical Officer here and you can probably imagine that being the head of technology development at Gyronix is a bit like being Mr. Scott on Star Trek -- you don’t get out much.

Even so, I hear from a lot of you through emails to Gyronix and via comments on my blog Beyond Crayons. And one of my frustrations is not everyone seems to be getting everything out of ResultsManager that's possible.

It's easy for me to know everything it does because I helped create it. But it's such a powerful tool and it can have such a resounding impact on nearly every area of your life - that it can be a bit hard to nail it down at first.

I understand and I hear you and here's what I'm going to do, but just for a short while: If you already own or if you buy ResultsManager by August 18th you'll get the Bronze module with $200 off! That's right, two hours with a certified Gyronix Trainer at less than half the price* Just click below….

PLUS If you’ve already experienced the Bronze Module you can still take advantage of the $200 discount on any other training module – click here

So instead of $399, you’ll be able to snatch it up for a measly $199! And it’s certainly valuable, just look at the testimonials of people who are Power Users of ResultsManager. They got there faster because they had great training that served as the ‘wind at their backs’ when they were getting started. You can even purchase training for your team at this special discount –simply click here

Now these Power Users fall into two camps - some got training right away and some waited until later. And from watching both camps I can tell you, from experience that the best way; the shortest way with the best results is to immerse yourself in ResultsManager's best practices right out of the gate.

Think about it. How many times did you get a great tool and think to yourself, "I could get really good at this if I just had access to a trainer, the right teach, or a really good coach. Someone who could show me the best practices, tips and secrets of the experts."

But that didn't happen, did it? You muddled through as best you could and the once-promising tool is now collecting dust because you didn't have time to learn it. It's well-known that anyone who aspired to something greater and achieved it had a coach or mentor somewhere along the way.

So, here's my solution and I hope you like it: why not get started fast with ResultsManager by taking advantage of our limited time special offer on the Bronze Training Module? Don't let overwhelm beat you before you get started. Get the product and get the training and deliver a powerful one-two punch to mediocre results.

The Bronze module is your first step in our modular success system for anyone interested in great results through ResultsManager.

Once you’ve completed the Bronze Module you will be able to:

  • Apply the Gyronix strategic methodology to your all of your projects
  • Effectively map your own project and generate an action map (dashboard) with an accurate listing of all next actions necessary to accomplish key goals
  • Implement projects faster and more effectively
  • Improve your personal effectiveness and take control of your workload

Now, those are tangible outcomes and achievements you can take to the bank!

Imagine just how quickly you can contain and whip into shape the controlled chaos of life’s demands by working right alongside an experienced ResultsManager pro as he guides you through implementing ResultsManager on a personal or professional project of your choice!

And marvel at how you're able to dig deep into ResultsManager with step-by-step examples and exercises that will sharpen your skills. Once you've learned how to do that with one project, you can apply it to any project thereafter.

So you want to make sure and order this ASAP because frankly, you have two deadlines working against you:

  1. This offer to get the $399 Bronze Training Module for $199 ends August 18th, and . . .
  2. The Gyronix training schedule books up fast so it's first-come, first-served.

So please, if you want to get real good, real fast then buy the Bronze Module and grab a slot in the schedule before it’s too late!

Everyone Wins With Us

Oh, by the way, we believe in treating our existing customers just as well as new customers. We especially dislike it when new customers get a better deal than someone who’s been with a company for years. And if you have satellite or cable TV then you know what I’m talking about.

So to that end, if you’ve already purchased a Bronze module then you can still get any of the other training modules with at $200 discount during this limited time offer. Simply email Jo at jo.mais@gyronix.com

Not Sure if ResultsManager is the Tool for You?

No problem. Want a no-risk way to see what the excitement is all about? Then click the link below and download the fully-loaded Professional version and kick the tires on it for the next 28 days. Yes, it does say 21 days on the website (but Jo snuck in 7 extra days just for you)

Download your ResultsManager trial here

Trial expired? Click here for a trial extension

Want to see how someone else uses ResultsManager? Just so you don't feel all alone on your journey, click here to see how a ResultsManager novice went from zero to pretty darn good -- all in 28 days! -just go to www.resultsmanagerpro.com.

Are You a Results Manager?

We'd like to know and so would everyone else! Tell us (better yet, show us) and you could win a Bronze, Silver or Gold Individual module worth up to $499**

Just answer the few short questions below and send them back to Jo at jo.mais@gyronix.com – it’s that easy! Tell us how you use ResultsManager to out-perform everyone else. Of course we're willing to put our money where our mouth is by rewarding your hard work.

  • What do you use ResultsManager for?
  • How do you structure your maps?
  • Which are your favorite dashboards and why?
  • What are your favorite tricks?
  • How has ResultsManager helped you achieve work/personal balance?

When you tell us how you're using ResultsManager, you'll be entered to win a training module that will take your Results Management to the next level. Be the envy of your department as you out-produce everyone around you and be less stressed about it.

Click here to see what you could win!

Extra points (and special consideration) if you send us a dashboard you use and tell us how you use it.

That's all for this month . . . until next time, be productive and remember, the more you use ResultsManager to achieve all your goals, the more you will achieve them faster, easier and with far less stress!

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