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The Gyronix Report - Issue 5 - Bill's story

...Now the task is to get his boss, David, on board and justify the purchase of ResultsManager for his expanded team. But his boss isn't going to make it easy for him.

Watch This - the Boss challenges Bill to Prove It. . .

"So, Bill, what's this?!" Bill's boss' finger jabs the screen.

That’s my Daily Action Dashboard.”

…and what about this?” David's finger zeros in on the dashboard's Relationship Central.

"That's Relationship Central, boss. It's where ResultsManager sweeps up into one place everything my direct reports owe me and everything I owe them."

"What do I need that for, Bill? I have Outlook and I have a MindManager map that I to add that sort of thing to."

That’s great boss. However, I've seen your map and it’s getting a bit large side.

You make your point Bill, I do use filters, and I have broken my huge map into several smaller ones, but I still have trouble remembering where I put my stuff! Why don’t you show me how this thing works, for you?

“I’d be happy to, David - let's start with an overview of my Daily Action Dashboard.

David interrupts. “It looks a bit complicated to me!

I suppose it could do the first time you see it,” Bill replied. “Look, this section here contains my deadlines, the stuff I must do today. And this section shows other things that I can do today if I have the time. Let's skip past the ‘my committed projects needing next actions’ section just for now, as I'd like to show you my favorite part of the dashboard - Relationship Central.” Bill started showing him how convenient Relationship Central is and how with just a glance, you can be on top of everything your team members are responsible for on daily, tactical and strategic levels. “Look here, I can see exactly what I'm waiting for Roy Davies to do for me. And just beneath that I can see what I owe and what I'm waiting for from Tara. Bottom-line," Bill concluded, "..if it's important enough for me to track, communicate and follow-up on, then it's here in Relationship Central."

"Well, I've been watching your team, Bill, and so far I've seen them produce some great results.

"Thanks David, that's ResultsManager at work. And that's just me using it. Imagine what we could accomplish with the entire team using it.."

"Yeah, maybe. But the VP is cracking down on all of us because of previous software purchases that don't get implemented. We already have a department license for MindManager."

Bill explained how MindManager, while a great product, still forces project managers to manually filter the maps according to date or priority. It doesn't do simple things like sweeping up overdue project elements and plopping them into a dashboard with a big red alarm bell next to it.

Also, when you only use MindManager, you have to memorize where all the project maps are located and which action items are located in which maps. With ResultsManager you're able to survey the entire realm of all your projects, according to what’s most important to you. And it does so simply, easily and quickly. ResultsManager sweeps up everything in all your maps and filters according to your criteria - automatically. Now, MindManager's static information maps are transformed into dynamic, strategic working documents which can be updated and amended throughout the entire span of the project.

Watch this, David. If I click on one of these little icons on a topic in a dashboard, ResultsManager takes me straight to the appropriate topic in the project map. This enables me to see the full context of the action I need to perform, which can be very helpful.

Wow, that is impressive” admitted David, who went on to grudgingly reiterate that he's been manually filtering his maps and he often didn't do it because of all the steps he had to go through.

"David, that's exactly why we need ResultsManager. Because you're not the only one who's doing it the hard way. You've already noticed improvement in my team's performance. And that's just with me using ResultsManager. Just imagine what could happen if everyone on my team had it!" He could see the boss mulling it over. "Here's my suggestion. Don’t make the decision to buy just yet. Give me the approval for all of us to download the free trial of ResultsManager. Here… www.gyronix.com - why not go to Gyronix and download the trial yourself?"

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Two days later, the boss catches Bill in the hallway, telling him how much the ResultsManager tutorials are helping out. 'But," he says. "I don’t want to drag this out a long time. I want to get proficient now." Bill assures David that the Gyronix System doesn't take long to learn and that the Bronze Module is the first step designed to get new users quickly on their feet by using ResultsManager on an actual project. PLUS – until the 18th August you can save $200 when you buy a Bronze Training module (click here to find out how)


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