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The Gyronix Report - Issue 6

Are The People Around You Frequently Missing Deadlines?

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In this Issue:
Are The People Around You Frequently Missing Deadlines?

Of course I know you don't, but according to the series of articles business strategists Robert Kaplan and David Norton wrote for the Harvard Business Review, 70-90% of all strategies don't get executed, or don't get executed according to plan! *

Pretty astounding, isn't it? And that means that many of you are missing deadlines and falling below expectations.

Hi, Kyle McFarlin here. I'm one of Gyronix' ResultsManager trainers and I'm here to tell you about one of the two most powerful, yet shockingly under-utilized practices - Power Reviewing.

According to Kaplan and Norton, there is a formula for success and that formula is built around your strategy.

But you have to be able to map that strategy (MindManager). And you have to be able to execute it (ResultsManager) and measure and manage it (ResultsManager again).

In fact, it's easier to grasp the power of ResultsManager if you think of it as a GPS system to navigate your way to key objectives.

I've noticed in training hundreds of people that if they're dissatisfied with their ResultsManager progress, it's because they're skipping periodic reviews.

At a minimum, I recommend weekly reviews, simply because you're guaranteed to never be more than seven days off-course before catching the 'drift' and readjusting to get back on course -- much like how an passenger jet goes from N.Y. to L.A. - 90% of the time, it's off-course.

But because of their navigational system, they're able to make many small corrections during the flight that ensures they arrive at their destination - more or less on time. Just like using the Weekly Review dashboard in ResultsManager.

That's why I want to tell you about Power Reviewing. Because if ResultsManager is the 'killer app,' then Power Reviewing is one of the twin turbines that powers it.

Failing To Review Is Just Plain Failure

Whether you're currently using ResultsManager or not, if you're not reviewing on a regular basis, then your productivity is suffering and your accomplishments are not all they should be. And that applies whether you're an individual user (a corporation of one) or company team member.

Even one of David Allen's top trainers constantly reminds his seminar attendees, 'If you're not reviewing, then you're not Getting Things Done.'

And because we're committed to your continued success, we're going to help you fix that.

And because it's so important to know how to review and how to review correctly, I got special permission from Gyronix CEO Nik Tipler to give you a special deal on the Gold Level Power Reviewing module. But unfortunately, it's only for a short while.

But Before We Tell You About That . . .

Just click the link below to watch a 10 minute clip of Gyronix trainer Kyle McFarlin as he takes a client through a simple introduction to the Gold Level Power Reviewing training session.

So, I wanted this offer to be special and frankly, anyone can reduce the price on something. Therefore, I decided to go one step further and promise you these results (and I don't make promises lightly).

Here... just see for yourself:

My Promise To You - What You Will Get Out Of The Power Review Module:

  • Learn the discipline of effective weekly and monthly reviews and how to make them your most powerful management tools
  • Master a personalized review process for continuous improvement that systematically generates increased benefits and greater ROI
  • Learn the secret to wielding ResultsManager as professional management tool with your colleagues, teams or clients
  • How to manage multiple projects by keeping laser-locked on the Priority 1 activities while keeping all else on your radar and under control
  • How to use your review dashboards to spot overwhelm, strategic missteps and incorrect project data -- and what to do about it before there's a problem

Normally, the Power Reviewing module sells for $499. But if you order it now via this limited time offer, you can grab it for only $399** - That's $100 off!

To take advantage of this offer simply click here or just email Jo at jo.mais@gyronix.com. Find out more about training modules at www.gyronix.com/services.php.

There it is, but you've got to act quickly because it will end at 12:01 EST September 20th, 2006.

You can read more about the contents of each module by visiting


A Word Of Warning

So you want to be sure and order this right away because frankly, you have two deadlines working against you:

  1. This offer to get the $499 Gold Level Power Reviewing module for $399 ends September 20th, and . . .
  2. Word of this special price was leaked early and our training schedule is already filling up, so it's first-come, first-served.

So please, every day you hesitate is another day that someone else has a chance to jump in ahead of you. Those who are already using ResultsManager are reaping huge rewards, so now is the time to act. It's as simple as making a phone call or going to www.gyronix.com and ordering your Gold Level Power Reviewing training module today.

Then, with just a few minutes each day, in no time you'll be getting the right things done at the right time!

Everyone Wins With Us

Oh by the way, we believe in treating our existing customers just as well as new customers. We especially dislike it when new customers get a better deal than someone who's been with a company for years. And if you have satellite or cable TV then you know what I'm talking about.

So to that end, if you've already purchased the Power Reviewing module, then you get the next module you purchase for $100 off. Everyone gets the same great deal. Simply email jo.mais@gyronix.com.


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Not Sure If ResultsManager Is The Tool For You?

No problem. Want a no-risk way to see what the excitement is all about? Then click the link below and download the fully-loaded Professional version and kick the tires on it for the next 28 days. Yes, it does say 21 days on the website (but Jo snuck in 7 extra days, just for you).


That's all for this month . . . until next time, be productive and remember, the more you use ResultsManager to achieve all your goals, the more you will achieve them faster, easier and with far less stress!

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* Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton, Strategy Maps (Harvard Business School Press, 2004)

** Offer subject to availability for a limited time only. Training modules to be undertaken within 6 months of purchase. Offer not open to existing business partners of Gyronix.