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The Gyronix Report - Issue 7

Gyronix launch GyroQ for MindManager

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Many MindManager users who tried ResultsManager told us that it was more powerful than they really needed - and we have listened. We're pleased to announce GyroQ for MindManager, a very simple solution for capturing and organising your To-Do lists in MindManager maps.

Your 15-day trial of GyroQ is ready and waiting for you:

Download 15 day trial

The feedback from beta testers has been amazing:

"Just tried it Nick .... Inspirational!"

"I know it's been 30 secs since we talked but I did a quick test and now I'm ready to buy."

"What an awesome product!!! I love it."

And Marc Orchant, an experienced IT journalist with ZDNet, says the following about GyroQ:

"I am a huge fan of small pieces of software that deliver profound results -
ActiveWords, Anagram, etc. I put GyroQ right up there in that list."

What is GyroQ?

GyroQ is a simple piece of software for Mindjet MindManager that captures ideas in a few seconds. Just press a hot key, type a few words and hit Enter. Your ideas are added to a queue (the "Q" in "GyroQ") and saved to disk. Once or twice a day, you send the Queue to a MindManager map, turning your queued-up ideas into topics that you can reorganise and plan.

Why do I need GyroQ?

Studies* show that interruptions account for 28% of a typical workday, and on average it takes 23 minutes to return to the original task from a diversion, costing $588 billion per annum in the US alone. GyroQ lets you actively manage interruptions and flashes of inspiration by making them wait for your full attention. An extra side-effect is that you will also start having more and better ideas; once you have a trusted system for capturing ideas when they happen, your brain no longer needs to work hard to hold on to a thought while you finish something else.

How long will it take to get productive with GyroQ?

About five minutes. If you haven't downloaded the 15 day free trial of GyroQ yet, go here and save the dowloaded file to your Windows Desktop. Double-click on the downloaded file to install GyroQ. The installer will launch it on completion.

When GyroQ starts, you can watch a short video to see it in action. Press Ctrl+Q, type in an idea or action, then press Enter. Press the Esc key when you are finished with the GyroQ window.

Once you have collected a few ideas, press Ctrl+Q and click the Send Queue button. GyroQ will open your Daily Capture Map and add your ideas and actions to it. You can now start organising, deciding and planning.

Bonus Map

GyroQ can be customised using 'Tags' (you will find out more about these when you start using GyroQ). Download theMindManager map with extra GyroQ tags.

Ready to Purchase GyroQ?

GyroQ comes in 2 "flavours"; the Essential Edition and the powerful and customisable GyroQ Professional Edition. Purchase GyroQ in our on-line shop, or through the invitation system for added benefits.

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* Spira, J. B. and Feintuch, J., "The Cost of Not Paying Attention," Basex Inc., 2005