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13 October, 2003

Gyronix Announces ResultsManager Project Management Tool
Powerful New Software Extends the Functionality of Mindjet’s MindManager® Brainstorming and Planning Platform

Gyronix, the specialist UK project management solutions company, today announce the availability of ResultsManager, a powerful new project management tool based on the MindManager® brainstorming and planning software from Mindjet.

MindManager is a visual software which helps business professionals and teams to improve their performance. With MindManager individuals quickly capture, structure and communicate information, ideas and concepts, resulting in closer collaboration and more efficient project management.

Gyronix’ ResultsManager uses MindManager’s Smart MapX technology to insert new results and actions into the visual project plan. It allows the creation of a list of projects or categories that can be used to better define an action or result, plus a centrally created list of people allowing quick assignment of responsibility.

“Too many great ideas are simply wasted because they are forgotten or not fully exploited,” said Nik Tipler, Chief Executive Officer, Gyronix. “Having used the power of MindManager to create and organise ideas, executives then want to ensure results are defined and actions are taken. ResultsManager is designed to help individuals and teams to manage this process to drive project success.”

The real power of ResultsManager is the Result Dashboard, which allows actionable items to be presented instantly not only from the central map but also those distributed in all connected maps. Actions can be viewed by the person responsible, project, priority and due date in one overview ‘dashboard’. This extended functionality allows organisations to increase their productivity and team focus through better structured project information. ResultsManager is part of the Gyronix Dynamic Planning System, which combines consulting, training and software to increase the productivity of individuals and teams, shorten project timescales and increase the success rate of projects .

“Our partnership with Gyronix demonstrates the instant commercial benefits achievable with MindManager,” said Richard Watts, managing director of Mindjet UK. “The power and functionality of MindManager makes it a perfect brainstorming and planning tool, and ResultsManager extends this functionality to meet the specific needs of complex business assignments.”
ResultsManager is available immediately from Gyronix.

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About Gyronix

Founded in 2003, Gyronix provides corporate clients and business professionals with a practical solution to the challenge of defining, tracking and delivering results, either individually or in teams. Gyronix have unrivalled expertise in the application of MindManager® software to real-world business issues. Our experience includes tailored training courses, technical seminars, extended integration features and content development. Gyronix' consultants are also used by Mindjet to provide specialised support, training and integration services for Mindjet's clients, and have participated in the development of the last four generations of MindManager software.

About Mindjet

Founded in 1993, Mindjet provides corporate clients and business professionals around the world with an expanding portfolio of award-winning solutions for a broad range of business needs. MindManager, Mindjet’s visual tool for brainstorming and planning, offers business professionals a more effective method to electronically capture, organise and communicate information and ideas. As the digital alternative to whiteboards, flipcharts and notepads, MindManager increases productivity through faster understanding, better decisions and reduced meeting time. The software seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project. For more detailed information about Mindjet in the UK please visit www.mindjet.co.uk.

MindManager® is a registered trademark of Mindjet. All other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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