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Gyronix ResultsManager™

Gyronix ResultsManager v3 runs on Mindjet's MindManager 2016, MindManager 15, MindManager 14, Mindjet 11 and MindManager 2012 platforms, and delivers a systematic solution for visualising and tracking actions either individually or across teams. Read about ResultsManager solutions here.

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ResultManager sweeps maps looking for incomplete actions  

ResultsManager sweeps maps looking for incomplete activities, and dynamically creates focused dashboards designed to support action and review processes.

MindManager® makes it easy to visualise your outcomes and projects, while ResultsManager™ makes it easy to stay organised enough to execute them.


The dashboard maps created by ResultsManager can be personalised and customised to maximise usability. You can work with them in Map or Outline view.

You can also amend your dashboard maps, and changes are mirrored back to the original maps from which they originated.

  ResultManager Dashboards are customisable and configurable

ResultsManager features

What it does
Standard and Professional Editions
Choose the ResultsManager edition that matches your requirements
Configurable and selectable dashboard templates
Generate analyses of your workload to support specific objectives, e.g. deciding what needs to be done today, carrying out a weekly review, or analysing who owes what to whom in a project
Editable dashboard maps
Seeing activities grouped in a different arrangement often triggers new ideas or thoughts, especially when answering the question "What is the next action?". Now you can add new actions and sub-projects straight into the Dashboard maps, or update the status of an existing action or project
Explicit Projects, Results and Actions
Activities may be classed as Projects, Results or Actions, and are separately filtered in Dashboard maps
Block editing
Quickly make the same change to a group of Activities
Built-in shared map support
Automatically handles project maps that you are sharing with colleagues, and helps to ensure that the same map does not get updated by two users at the same time
"Committed" or "Someday-maybe"
Activities may be labelled as "Committed" or "Someday-maybe", helping you prioritise your time
Automatic inheriting of key task information
Priorities, dates, owners and other key information is automatically inherited by activities in a project, speeding up entry of activities
Demonstration maps
There is no substitute for experimenting to understand how something really works!

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