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ResultsManager Productivity Applications

ResultsManager on the MindManager 8, Pro 7 and Pro 6 platforms is an effective and innovative solution to a range of everyday business issues.

Visually implementing David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system

"Like many people, I have been attempting to implement the GTD concept ever since David Allen published his book. ResultsManager finally provides the tools to do so!" - Bob Seymour, USA

The rewards of implementing "Getting Things Done" are huge, but achieving real competence is not a trivial undertaking. ResultsManager 2 has been designed to accelerate the implementation of GTD by providing a unique and simple way to visualise and focus on outcomes and projects, while managing lists automatically. You can have a separate map for each project or area you are working on, and ResultsManager will create combined dashboards (lists) across them all. For example, all "@Call" contexts are automatically grouped together from all sources. ResultsManager also provides a way to implement GTD across a team or department, so that the benefits of a systematic approach to organising activities can be realised across groups. Read more in the online help file.

You can also find ResultsManager enthusiastically discussed in the bulletin boards and Blogs on David's site and related sites.

Keeping track of commitments

ResultsManager understands how to delegate activities, and has a special dashboard that displays things you are waiting for from others, and things they are waiting for from you. So, if someone else delegates an action to you in one of their maps, it will appear in your Dashboard as something to do, and something you owe to them. Whether you then ignore it is a different issue altogether!

Seamless follow-through from meetings and brainstorms

ResultsManager 2 supports shared documents. You can make a link from your maps to maps that live on a shared disk, for example. ResultsManager lets you work dynamically and creatively, and keeps track of important nuggets that might otherwise get mislaid. Imagine the following typical scenario:

  • You call a quick team meeting to tackle a problem that has come up in one of your projects, and use MindManager with a data projector to capture the meeting. MindManager is, after all, the unchallenged market leader at this!
  • During the meeting, your team brainstorms and comes up with some great ideas about solving the issue
  • You delegate some actions there and then, using the ResultsManager Activity dialogue to assign owners right in the map
  • When the meeting is over, you simply save the meeting map in the project folder on the shared disk
  • Your team already have a link to this folder from their individual "Map Central" maps. The next time they create their ResultsManager dashboards, the new actions from the meeting are integrated into their existing lists, where they can prioritise and deliver them.

Tracking documents and processes visually

ResultsManager's basic function is to let you dynamically create "horizontal" views across multiple "vertical" resources such as project plans or brainstorms. As well as using it for visualising projects and tracking actions, you can use it to visualise other insights into complex situations.

For example, many business processes are represented by electronic documents, and status of the document indicates progress. Unless you have implemented a document management system, keeping track of ad-hoc documents might not always run smoothly. You can easily use MindManager and ResultsManager to do this collaboratively at a fraction of the cost and without any specialised IT support:

  • Create hyperlinks to tracked documents from MindManager maps
  • Use ResultsManager's Power User mode edit dialogue to assign owners, and agree a common set of document types and status levels to use in the "Area" and "Category" fields, for example
  • Create a couple of customised Dashboards that show you an overview of the current status and ownership of the different kinds of document
  • You can then run your Dashboards to review progress and keep track of changes. The Dashboard maps form an "audit report" of the current status that you could use in a management report, for example



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