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Testimonials and reviews

"... [ResultsManager] offers a very effective way of keeping track of mapped-out projects and plans through a dashboard of daily tasks" - James Fallows, "Programmers Devise New Ways to Make the Pieces Work Together", New York Times, August 2004

"Like many people, I have been attempting to implement the GTD concept ever since David Allen published his book. ResultsManager finally provides the tools to do so!" - Bob Seymour, USA

"[ResultsManager] transforms MindManager into an awesome tool for visually planning and managing your projects and actions... if you are using MindManager as part of your job, ResultsManager 2 is must-have" - Chuck Frey, Innovation Tools, September 2004
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"An astonishing accomplishment... ResultsManager has become an integral part of my daily, weekly, and monthly management of tasks and projects... it has fundamentally changed how I get things done." - Marc Orchant, OfficeZealot weblog, August 2004
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"You have done a remarkable job!" - Joseph G Jurczynski, New York

"I always thought MindManager was a great product, but ResultsManager boosts its use to a higher level... I have been totally wowed." - Lydia Hernandez Velez, Pennsylvania Department of Banking

"ResultsManager 2 Professional is great! It has transformed the way I use MindManager. It has already paid for itself though time saved alone" - John Basterfield, South Africa

"Congratulations... ResultsManager is a marvellous product. I gave it a try with all the maps I created to implement GTD, the 7 Habits and to manage projects: results well exceeded expectations! I especially appreciate the way dashboard templates can be edited or created... I don't have to be calling the IT guys... this is a major factor for a SME company like mine" - Emmanuel Maître, Switzerland

"I've been trying out ResultsManager and I am very impressed. I'm a long time user and fan of MindManager and have used it to plan countless projects over the last several years, but I've never found it to be suitable for tracking projects till now" - Jeff Jablonski, USA

"Your product is fast becoming THE key tool for my day-to-day existence!" - Iwan Roberts, Northern Ireland

"Fabulous product... really great flexibility for playing around with filters!" - Ian Goldsmid, USA

"I highly recommend Gyronix to every business person who wants to be more effective." - Dave Boufford, Director of Operations, Business Growth Dynamics, Inc.

"Do I use MindManager? I'm married to it!" - Chanoch Rosenberg, USA

"Mind Mapping isn't for everyone, though. If you never do any planning, writing, research, organising, learning or thinking, then you can probably manage without it. And if you can't understand something unless it's presented as four pages of closely spaced text, you won't get it at all. But for the rest of us, Mindjet's MindManager is a must-have product and comes highly recommended." - Guy Swarbrick, PC Pro Magazine, February 2003


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