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Mindjet / Gyronix Webinar
Visualising Outcomes: Managing Simultaneous Projects with MindManager and ResultsManager
28th November 2006

Mindjet invited Gyronix CTO Nick Duffill to present a Webinar about using ResultsManager to manage simultanous projects with MindManager. The Webinar was recorded, and you can access the recording and all the materials on-line.

If you attended the Webinar, thank you for your support! Please feel free to forward this page link to anyone you know who might be interested in ResultsManager.

View the recorded Webinar

View the Webinar Recording (50 minutes streaming video with sound)

Webinar presentation and demonstration maps

View and download the Presentation and Demonstration maps used in the Webinar (downloaded maps require MindManager 6)

A map of all the questions and answers from the Webinar

View and download the Questions and Answers map from the Webinar, including many questions that we did not have time to directly answer during the session

Download Gyronix Video Library map



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